A Moveable Feast

Great news everyone! A Moveable Feast– A ‘book mobile’ fundraiser will take place at The Ale Works in Bozeman on Feb 25th. http://bozemanlibrary.org/news/news.php?newsID=576

The Hemingway family will be at this Carribean themed event. A good cause and a chance to talk about Hemingway’s connection to Montana and the Yellowstone region in particular. Two of Hemingway’s three sons chose to live in Montana and two of Hemingway’s most well known protagonists hail from Montana; Robert Jordan the hero of For Whom the Bell Tolls is from Red Lodge, Montana and Thomas Hudson from Islands in the Stream is a rancher from Montana. This is a great chance to rub shoulders with some Hemingway heavyweights, enjoy some good food and drink and delve a little deeper into Hemingway’s connection to the Yellowstone area.

I hope the mixologists at the Ale Works can put together a ‘Death in the Afternoon’ If not maybe you mix one these at home, simple really– prepare absinthe as you usually would- in a glass with cold water dripped over a sugar cube held on an ornamental spoon, but instead of water use Champagne. Have 3 or 4 of these and see where the night takes you.

This drink has a very ‘Paris’ sound to it, but since most of Death in the Afternoon was written at a ranch just east of Cooke City, MT I think it will fit the occasion.

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