Accomadations & Links

Hotels: there are several hotels in Cooke City and Silver Gate. Here are some cool places with character and a little something extra to offer our customers.

The High Country Hotel– Nice place, hot tub, horse shoes, little creek runs behind the place and great people, at quiet end of Cooke City. See website.

Pine Edge Cabins- Beautiful, rustic cabins right on the border of Yellowstone, in the quiet little town of Silvergate. See website.

The Grizzly Lodge– Historic Lodge under Amphitheater Mountain in Silvergate, Montana.  Jay and Jaime are great and their lobby is full of cool stuff. See website.

The Woody Creek Cabin — You’ll have to hike to this incredible cabin, off the grid and near the incomparable Upper Woody Falls. Ben will hike your stuff in, you just have to get there. See website.

When you book a tour we will send you an e-mail with directions to Cooke City from whichever direction you are coming from, we will include points of interest along the way so you can start your Hemingway adventure on you’re way here. After the tour you will receive a laminated self-guiding tour of other points of interest in the greater Yellowstone region.  Tours are all inclusive, there are no taxes or hidden fees.