Horse Pack Trips

Horsepack tour Cooke City, MT

What’s included

  • Guided 3 day horseback trip to a backcountry camp near the Crazy Lakes
  • Interpretive Hemingway guide
  • All  meals included
  • Cost: $1200/person (4-10) people

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We have partnered with Beartooth Plateau Outfitters to provide a unique, Hemingway themed, educational adventure to our customers.

Elk in Cooke City Montana
Around the fire at one Hemingway’s favorite backcountry camps, what better way to hear the story.

On this trip we will ride on horseback to a backcountry camp near the Crazy Lakes, one of Hemingway’s favorite places.  We will revisit his trips to this region and study Hemingway’s time in the Yellowstone High Country while in the capable hands of the guides at Beartooth Plateau Outfitters, who have been operating out of Cooke City for more than 20 years.

Hemingway themed pack trips
Fish the lakes Hemingway fished with fellow authors, family and friends.

While riding the very trails Hemingway rode and casting lines into the very the water that Hemingway fished you will receive a complete account of his five years in the area from our tour guide who will accompany you throughout your trip.

There are only four of these trips available per year, trips start July 21 and run till September 1, space is very limited so book early.  Call or e-mail for details.

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