Breakfast Tours

Pilot and Index Peaks Cooke City MT

What’s included

  • Interpretive guided tour of Cooke City, Silver Gate and the mountains that surround them.
  • Breakfast at our Hemingway Exhibit.
  • Cost: $100 1 person – $20 each additional person

When are the tours?

  • Wednesday to Sunday  (Memorial Day to 1st)

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Our guide will accompany you in the comfort of your own vehicle starting at the historic Range Rider Lodge in Silvergate, just half mile from Yellowstone’s North East Entrance, Wednesday through Sunday at 8:00am, returning at around 10:00am. The tour will include breakfast at our  Hemingway exhibit catered by the Miners Saloon and a tour of two of America’s most beautiful roads; The Beartooth Highway and The Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.  You will immediately realize why this spectacular region just outside Yellowstone’s N.E. Entrance was so special to Hemingway from his first visit in 1930 to his final days.

Wildlife Cooke City, MT
Wildlife and scenery are second to none in this part of Yellowstone country.

We will relive all of the iconic writer’s hunting and fishing exploits in the area, examine the connections to seven novels and numerous short stories and cover major events in the Hemingway biography that involve the Yellowstone High Country.  Not only will we see the rivers and streams, mountains and valleys, but also many buildings and businesses in the Cooke City/Silver Gate area that are part of the Hemingway story. Your guide for the tour has lived in the area for 20 years and will be able to verify and cite all information given. Join us for the educational tour of a lifetime and  discover the connection between the most influential writer of the 20th century and America’s greatest national treasure.

IMG_2096Your tour starts at our Hemingway Exhibit

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