Dinner Tours

Sunset over Pilot and Index

What’s included:

  • A visit to our Hemingway Exhibit
  • Sunset Tour with interpretive guide
  • Walking tour of Cooke City
  • Cocktails at 2 bars and Dinner at the Miners Saloon Sunday BBQ
  • Cost: $200 1 person  $50 dollars each additional person (21 and over)                                                                                                                                                               
  • When are the tours?  Sunday nights from 5pm – 9pm (July 13  to August 13)
  • Evening tours are available on any night from Memorial Day to October 21st by appointment. On nights other than Sunday, dinner will be served by the fire at the historic Range Rider Lodge.

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Description Like our Breakfast Tour, this trip will start at our exhibit inside the historic Range Rider Lodge, include  both the Beartooth and  Chief Joseph Scenic Highways and cover every detail of Hemingway’s five extended stays in the Yellowstone High Country. The sunset timing will provide a more dramatic setting for the tour and increase the chance of wildlife sightings and photo opportunities.  We will cover all the writing, hunting and fishing adventures while enjoying two of Hemingway other favorite pastimes; eating and drinking.

Ernest Hemingway dinner tours
Dinner provided by the Miners Saloon

We will also do a short walking tour of Cooke City, which will include visits to places pertinent to Hemingway’s time here.  We will visit two bars that Hemingway  frequented and finish our evening with a superior dining experience at the Miners Saloon’s renowned Sunday BBQ.  For these events products are selected for their freshness, superior quality and local availability. Choose from grass fed beef, heirloom pork chops or select the Hemingway trout, available only to our customers. We will also offer specialty Hemingway cocktails on this tour. All this while discussing Hemingway’s time in the Cooke City area and the affect that it had on his work.  We feel that sunset in the Beartooths is something that everyone should experience.

Hemingway Cocktails
Specialty Hemingway cocktails included.

By combining this comprehensive educational Hemingway tour and ultimate  Dining and cocktailing experience, you will enjoy an evening unlike any other on your trip to Yellowstone Country.

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